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Chasing XP Podcast

Chasing XP Podcast

Oh, another indie gaming podcast? Well… not quite.

The Chasing XP Podcast is hosted by Jeff Nabors, and will give you a behind the screens look at indie game developers, industry legends, tabletop board game creators and everything in between. Chasing XP offers a podcast that is interesting, funny, educational and inspirational in an industry that is full of vibrant, intelligent and often courageous people.

The indie development world is built by people who seek out the road less traveled; forging ahead with concepts that ultimately rely on the passionate fans that support them.

We invite you to sit with us a while, and hear the stories in this awesome universe.

Chasing XP is available everywhere you listen to podcasts. Listen below or choose your player: 

Chasing XP Podcast Episodes

Coming Soon on Chasing XP:

Interview David Crane Pitfall Activision

David Crane Interview

Video Game Designer, Programmer, and Industry Pioneer, David Crane is the creator of Pitfall! and co-founder of Activision.

VoxPop Founders Interview

VoxPop Founders Interview

VoxPop Games - a new and exciting peer-to-peer (P2P) game distribution & development platform, founded by Charles Yu and Marc Rodriguez

Chasing XP Batocera Team Interview

Batocera Team Interview

We will be speaking with the team behind Batocera: a retro emulation & arcade Linux distribution, capable of playing almost all classic consoles and computers.

TechLater Chasing XP

Be Our Guest On Chasing XP

If you have a video game, board game, a story or just want to spend some quality time with our host, Jeff Nabors, contact us and show us what you got.


TechLater: Chasing XP Podcast

Chasing XP Podcast

TechLater presents: The Chasing XP Podcast.
Developer interviews, industry chat, indie development discussion and more.
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