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Reevo the hubless ebike

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Reevo Hubless E-Bike – The E-Bike Reevo-lution


Is this it? Is this finally the bike that changes the game for electric bikes from here on in? We think the Reevo Hubless E-Bike will do exactly that, no forks, no hubs, no spokes and no chance that anything compares to this on the market today. Let’s take a look at this innovative, sleek and stylish marvel of design and engineering.

The Indigogo campaign was over 200% funded in just 15 minutes! Incredible achievement and testimony to the professionalism that Beno Inc ooze.

What! No Spokes?

No jokes, there are no spokes! For those of you who are of a certain age crying out “but what about my spokies!!??” – time to let go my friends, you’re all grown up now. Besides, no spokes mean those bullies can no longer poke a stick in your Raleigh Activator wheels as you ride by sending you hind over handlebars.

As well as no spokes, you’ll notice the lack of traditional forks, hubs and visible cogs/gears. Along with the sleek stealth black, lightweight aluminium frame, this makes for a unique, stylish and modern appearance which will inevitably turn heads.

The Reevo Hubless E-Bike in e-drive action

Safe And Secure

Integrated headlamp, rear light, brake lights and even signal lights ensure you are visible and safe on the road. All the additional accessories you would normally have with a “regular bike” are all there, integrated, all powered from one place. Bike feng shui in action right there (if that’s a thing, if not then Beno Inc just invented it)

Buying something as unique and striking as this masterpiece is bound to get attention. Unfortunately, sometimes it may gain attention from the wrong type of people. Don’t panic! Your pride and joy will be safe from those unsavoury thieves. The Beno Inc team has this LOCKED down!

reevo e-bike review

The Reevo comes complete with a built-in wheel lock that is inaccessible, so bolt cutters will get the thief nowhere. The integrated wheel lock is controlled via a one-touch fingerprint sensor with up to five storable prints. GPS tracking, motion sensors and a detachable battery complete an impressive arsenal of security features that will keep your Reevo….yours!

Reevo Ebike Review And The Spec

Unique design, hubless wheels, rugged security, amazing gadgets and tech dripping from all parts, maybe it’s a bit of a show pony, No! this thing performs too.

Amazing gadgets and tech dripping from all parts – but this is no show pony. It performs too!
Reevo E-Bike being put through the paces

Powered by the E-drive motor a proprietary design developed by Beno Inc’s very own R&D team the Reevo can reach speeds of 25 Mph in the US and 25 Kph in the EU. Tackle those inclines with casual ease as Adaptive Pedal Assist intuitively provides tailored assistance. If you have been overdoing leg day at the gym, then crank up the adjustable pedal assistance and let Reevo give your weary legs a rest.

Reevo bike review

I Want One, I Need One, Where Can I Get One?

The Indiegogo campaign at the time of writing has 8 days left to run, so there is still time to grab yourself an amazing discount on the Reevo Hubless E-Bike by backing the campaign. This Reevo bike review could go on for pages and pages talking about the many other features and advances this product has to offer. The stretch goals look like amazing additions to what is an already impressive piece of kit, so get backing.


Shipping for the lucky campaign backers is expected to be March 2021. The future is just a few months away!

Oh! There is a downside we forgot to mention! The unboxing and assembly, it looks like you may have to set aside at least a couple of minutes of your time to build it….there’s always a catch!

Reevo ships 99% built


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