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Siren Head: Retribution


Siren Head: Retribution by Nathan Brower

Ominous noises. Dark, creepy locations. Great graphics. Haunting soundtrack. Big, scary bad guy. If those ingredients don’t make for a good horror game, then you cannot be pleased.

Siren Head: Retribution is set in 1988, and sees you as the main character – a mechanic on routine maintenance. You start out by trying to find your colleagues at a Ranger Station, and find out what your maintenance tasks are going to be. You find a number of funny and not so funny notes littered around the station, as you explore the empty buildings.

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The tension finally builds to a very worrisome note that warns you about “making noise” and “that siren thing”. That’s only the start of your problems.

Siren Head: Retribution

As you wander around with your trusty flashlight, you are aware of every shadow and every noise. The flashlights in horror games generally work great for atmosphere – and Siren Head is no different. The tension is already more than palpable by the time you finish the first few tasks you are given.

Eventually you will find a less than helpful map, in that the locations are question marks for you to discover. Oh, perfect. Let’s go wandering around and check out some more creepy locations.

Walking around in the ground mist, and trying to keep focused on your target – be it a cabin in the distance, or a faint light in the trees – you are just waiting all the time for the siren to sound. And when it does, there are no words for the feeling that dances around the nape of your neck, and heads southbound, ending somewhere around your butt-crack.

Your main objective is to repair a vehicle, and get the heck out of dodge. The game is short, and has multiple endings – but does its job in testing the gusset of your pants while you play. There are some incredible horror games out there, and they all rely on the player’s mounting tension to make them work. Atmosphere is critical, and aesthetics really help. Siren Head takes this to another level by having the ominous siren sound of Siren Head himself alerting you as well as visual cues. This combination makes for an incredible experience, which has been echoed by reviewers & players.

Siren Head has received critical acclaim from YouTube creators and game review sites, and the creators – Nathan & Matt Brower – will be very pleased with the terrified faces their game has produced.

Check it out yourself – Siren Head: Retribution is available for free download now...

Where to download Siren Head: Retribution

You can download the game FREE on

“Today we are showing up for our job at the ranger station just like any other day and find somethings are off. This Siren Head game contains multiple endings where we must find items to fix our car and escape.” – Pecan
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