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PlayStation 5 Game Reveal Rescheduled – See When & Where To Watch Here

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is set for release sometime in the fall. There has been very little actual footage of gameplay released so far. But Sony looked to address that on June 4th with a PlayStation 5 Game Reveal. Unfortunately, Sony delayed this showcase to “allow more important voices to be heard” as covered in one of our previous posts Sony Delay PlayStation 5 Game Reveal – To “allow more important voices to be heard. Sony has just announced the new date for the game reveal will be June 11th.

As covered in TechLater’s post-Xbox Series X Game Footage Revealed, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X first gameplay reveal a few weeks ago was met with a distinct feeling of disappointment. The gaming community was overwhelmingly underwhelmed, mainly at the lack of actual gameplay footage. The showcase appeared to be just a string of trailers rather than the gameplay that the title suggested.

Sony should aim to pounce on that disappointment with a showcase full of exciting ‘real’ gameplay action. A successful showcase here would certainly be getting one over their closest rivals.

What Can We Expect To See?

Sony hasn’t officially announced the content of the PlayStation 5 game reveal, but we do know some of the titles that have been confirmed for the PS5. Below are some of the titles that we are hoping to see in the reveal. We at TechLater.Com are especially hoping to see some PS5 Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla footage. Click on the title below to read more TechLater info on AC:V.

playstation 5
courtesy of playstation

With PS5 looking like it will have backward compatibility, a little glimpse of The Last Of Us 2 would be very nice.

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We will also hopefully get a glimpse of the actual console itself. There have been dozens of attempts at guessing what the console may look like, based on various rumors and leaks. Below is a pick of our favorite console concepts that have been branded around the net. I wonder which will be the closest?

slide 1
slide 1
slide 1
slide 1
ps5 came reveal concept 1

Image credit:Future

ps5 game reveal

image credit:VR Player

playstation 5 game reveal concept

image credit:@THAFINEST

ps5 game reveal

image credit:LetsGoDigital

ps5 came reveal concept 1

image credit:@FalconDesign3D

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When Is The Reveal?

US –  June 11 at 1PM PDT

UK –  June 11 at 9PM BST.

Australia – June 11 at 6PM AEST.

Where Can I See The Reveal?

Sony’s official Playstation 5 website will be hosting the event live. You will also be able to stream it on PlayStation’s YouTube channel and Twitch. We will have all options available below. So please come back when the time comes to catch the live stream.

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