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3dSenVR Editorial


3dSenVR – Full 3D NES Emulation in VR!

From Geod Studio:
3dSenVR is a unique emulator that magically converts your favorite NES games into Full 3D & allows you to play it in VR!


  •  Ever growing list of 3D supported games
  •  Zero Input Lag
  •  Zapper/ Light Gun support
  •  User friendly VR UI with both Laser Beam and Gaze control methods
  •  Normal & Motion Controllers
  •  Native SteamVR and Oculus Runtime support
  •  Dynamic Skyboxes
  •  2D Mode for All Games
  •  Save States

TechLater Editorial:

There are armies of retro gaming fans out there. Usually they like to draw a line in the sand, and dedicate themselves to one platform or manufacturer. be it Commodore or Nintendo, the retro gamer knows what he likes and doesn’t mind telling everyone.

I actually love most retro games. I played a lot of Amstrad, Commodore Amiga, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive and Playstation emulators in the last few years, and have not been disappointed one iota. I own an Oculus Rift, and a gaming PC, as well as an Xbox One, so I consider myself well covered when it comes to modern games for now. The next gen consoles are severely affecting my problem with impatience, as I await the sexy new 4K graphics and gameplay.

All that said – I love a good blast on retro as much as the next guy. And I also have room in my heart for modern games. I think this is WHY I am so enamored with 3dSenVR, and so thankful to Truc at Geod Studio for his work on this spectacularly cool software.

Nintendo NES in 3D VR!

That is what you call a loaded headline. 3dSenVR enables you to play your favorite 8-bit NES games in VR, and have been lovingly crafted so you can see your old pals Mario & Luigi in glorious 3D.

Waaaay back in 2015, Truc set out with a mission to create something that others had not been able to accomplish. NES emulation in 3D and VR is such a huge undertaking that it’s hard to believe he did it in a year.

In 2016 3dSenVR took the retro gaming world by storm, and went on to receive critical acclaim for its ingenuity and carefully rendered aesthetics.

Truc is a lifelong Nintendo fan, which means everything you see in your VR headset has been manually adjusted & painstakingly tested to give 3dSen’s harshest critic – Truc himself – a beautiful experience.

Some of YouTube’s biggest creators fell instantly in love with 3dSenVR, which has increased not only the fan-base for Geod Studio, but also created a larger community who regularly communicate directly with Truc, giving him feedback, requested features and constructive criticism. This serves only to make 3dSenVR stronger and better, as Truc is extremely dedicated to the people who benefit from his work.

Where to buy 3dSenVR

Words can never do justice to something so visually appealing, so we’ll let the game itself do the talking. Available right now on Steam and

3dSenVR – a multi-platform voxel based 3D NES emulator

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