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Xbox Series X Game Footage Revealed – Where’s The Gameplay?

Finally! Some actual game footage for the long awaited Xbox Series X console, the next gen console offering from Microsoft. Due to be released ‘Holiday 2020’ which is rumoured to be somewhere around Thanksgiving (November 26th). But, will you be giving thanks for the latest addition to the Xbox brand or will it end up being a bigger turkey than the one you’ll be carving into? Thankfully, The good folk at Microsoft have just released some Series X footage to wet the appetite.

The Reveal

The first look showcase lasted around 30 minutes and was made up from short monologues from Xbox staff and game developers nestled awkwardly between game footage. In all honesty we didn’t really need to hear from those guys at this point, We just want to see some action, right? What we got was lots of in-game clips from up and coming Xbox Series X optimized releases. Unfortunately, and the biggest disappointment from this showcase was, there was very little actual game play footage. At the end you could feel the internet slide back into its gaming chair, shoulders slumped, letting out a big deflated sigh. On the plus side, because we are positive Polly’s at, some of the footage from the new releases looked very impressive. Right here I will exclude Dirt 5 from that statement, it looked distinctly average and underwhelming.

Bright Memory: Infinite

xbox series x bmi

Bright Memory: Infinite boasted the opening slot on the showcase, another feather in the cap of the independent gaming industry. Developed by FYQD studios, Bright Memory: Infinite is an extremely fast pace action FPS. A combination of skills are required to survive in the futuristic metropolis in the year 2036. The name FYQD studios gives the impression of lots of developers sitting at computer screens building characters, weapons, landscapes etc. But no, this game was developed by ONE guy, Zeng Xiancheng, hats off to you sir.


Scorn is a first person horror shooter developed by Ebb Software. This eerie solo horror adventure game drew inspiration directly from the works of H. R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński. Intriguing, atmospheric and downright spine shiveringly creepy. .

I for one, can’t wait to get my hands on this title.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon

xbox seris x - dragon

Like a Dragon debuts as an Xbox Series X launch title. The acclaimed Yakuza series, historically sitting in the PS4 camp of the console world is announcing itself with a bang on Series X launch day. Starting out as a low level minion in the Yakuza in the shoes of Ichiban Kasuga, you fight your way up from the bottom in this action drama RPG set in Yokohama, Japan.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was the most anticipated footage in the showcase and the Xbox team knew this, keeping us waiting until the end of the presentation to feast our eyes upon it. This tactic seemed to backfire! Having built the audience up to the big grand finale mentioning the Assassin’s Creed gameplay footage several times throughout. Only, the big grand finale turned out to be the biggest disappointment (Dirt 5 being the exception)!  Not that the footage didn’t look spectacular, it really did, check out for yourself below. But there was literally no game play footage at all! A massive disappointment for the audience and something that has branded this showcase a bit of an underwhelming flop.

Check out TechLater’s Jamie Reardon’s review for more AC:Valhala goodies

What else?

Another positive came in the news that most of the games will be supporting Smart Delivery. The Smart Delivery system means anyone who buys the game for xbox one will get the Xbox Series X version for free. There were notable omissions from this showcase, not least Halo:infinite. Additionally there was nothing from some of the other big studios – Obsidian, Rare, Mojang, Ninja Theory and Double Fine. With the Xbox team announcing reveals on a monthly basis hopefully we don’t have to wait until launch day to see some actual gameplay of the big launch games.  To watch the full reveal showcase go here. TechLater prefer this shorter snappier video below.

“It’s awesome to see the partner support for Smart Delivery, ensuring that fans only have to purchase the game once to enjoy it on whichever Xbox system they own or will own in the future”

Damon Baker – Head of Global Portfolio, Xbox

Hopefully you will only be sharpening a knife for that lovely cooked turkey this Thanksgiving.

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