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Sony 8K TV Price - Launches June 2020


Sony’s Flagship 8K TV Comes With A Comedy Pricetag

Next month we will see the launch of Sony 8K TV – the ZH8 8K HDR Full Array LED TV. However, the price reads funnier than a Farrelly Brothers script.

You know, sometimes I look at my Sony 4K TV and I think it was good value. I have Netflix and Amazon Prime TV, and I can even stream stuff from the media server I have set up. All good fun. I got all of that 4K fun for just over two grand, two years after 4K was introduced into the market. I’ve had it a few years now, but it’s still not showing signs of wear or age. The price of 4K when it launched was truly obscene, as we all remember: –

Source: Statista

One can only speculate, therefore, what price the ZH8 8K HDR will be in a few years. Get ready.

Sony 8K TV: Price (UK & USA)

The Sony ZH8 8K HDR will cost £5,999 ($6,999 USD) for the 75″ model. The 85″ version will cost a staggering £8,999 ($9,999 USD). Still laughing?

We understand that there will be folks out there reading this, from their yacht, thinking that those prices are reasonable, and expected to pay as much. For the yacht-less among us, that price is surely a complete turnoff.

Naturally, there are many people who watch new tech like 8K and wait for prices to come down. We did it with 4K, and we’ll do it again. Anyone who is an avid PC gamer knows the statutory waiting game when it comes to memory and graphics cards. For TV enthusiasts, the same applies. Bluray was another technology that required us to wait just a few years to get excellent value in the secondhand market on our favorite movies.

More Features For The Yacht-less

If you’re spending that kind of money, you want features. The Sony ZH8 8K HDR features are pretty incredible. Not only is the ‘D’ more ‘H’, but the screen also acts as the speaker.

Hear sound from the right place in the scene with speakers integrated into the frame. Having the speakers closer to the center of the screen brings sound and pictures into harmony.

Sony USA

This will be very welcome news for those who don’t like how their TV speakers bounce sound off the wall or off whatever the TV is stood on. Of course, the cheap soundbars in the market right now are affordable enough for anyone to upgrade from the welfare sound that today’s TV speakers produce.

Side note: Linus Tech Tips went into great detail about TV speakers, and why everyone has jumped on the soundbar wagon: –

This beautiful Sony 8K TV also benefits from a thin bezel, which allows more immersion into what you are watching – anybody remember the three-inch wide bezels when flat screen TVs came out? Or Samsung’s red tinted plasma screen bezels?

The design is a “minimalist” single slate, thin bezel affair, which compliments the sensationally good picture you’re watching.

If you get a chance to walk into a Sony store and test these monsters out, you really should. The 8K picture needs to be seen to be believed. Sony have been at the cutting edge of HD ever since the first Vegas rolled off the production line, and I distinctly remember seeing The Matrix for the first time on one. It blew me away.

This time, with 8K TV’s, I think the feature set and picture quality are still not good enough to make me part with – what amounts to – a starter yacht I can sail to Monaco in.

The waiting game starts now.

Sony 8K TV

More info:
Sony Europe:
Sony USA:

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