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Marvel Eat The Universe – Marvel Heroes Delicious Pizza Anyone?

For many years, fans have ravenously munched on the films and comics released by Marvel, but that’s always a metaphorical type of eating. Not anymore! It is time to finally satiate your Galactus-sized hunger pangs with a unique glimpse of Marvel Eat the Universe: The Official Cookbook, which enables you to literally chow down on the world of X-Men and Avengers.

Based on Chef Justin Warner’s Marvel web series of the same name, the upcoming book (published by Insight Editions and scheduled to go on sale this July) is about 200 pages of supervillain- and superhero-themed recipes. The Marvel cookbook unveils two dishes based on a pair of fan-favourite mutants: Wolverine and Magneto.

“We made careful notes while filming Eat the Universe, so it was much about categorizing and arranging the recipes. The folks at Insight are adept in crafting a killer pop culture cookbook”

Justin Warner

Magneto’s Shakshuka

With credit to his ability to influence the forces of magnetism, Magneto’s recipe is shakshuka, a traditional (and of course tasty) Middle Eastern and North African dish of eggs made in a savoury tomato sauce. Wonder how this relates to controlling metal? Well, to make it, you just have to break out your induction burner! We may, however, note that cooking it on the stove is as much acceptable.

“The most amazing part of this show and accompanying cookbook is that Marvel allows me to show off (through food) my special relationship and understanding of these dear characters,” Warner reveals. “I have been a Marvel enthusiast since my very first comic book. I wrote to Spider-Man when I was a kid. The team and I would do some pretty deep dives through Marvel Unlimited to make sure we were honouring the source materials. The New Media team at Marvel is easy to work with, so I’d pitch my interpretation, and we’d work out anything that didn’t feel perfect. Sometimes, it’s hard to put a deranged serial killer like Cletus Kasady on a plate. But we did it.”

Wolverine’s Bayou Boil

Now to “Wolverine’s Bayou Boil,” a recipe spurred by the X-Man’s foray into Cajun Country in Wolverine: The Lost Trail, the Marvel-Stitcher podcast series. Nothing satisfies an immortal appetite like a pound of crawfish boiled up with potatoes, sausage, spices, and corn. Besides, the tasty and clawed mudbugs can regenerate their limbs, just like James Howlett can with his notable healing power.

Creating cuisines for some characters must be a challenge. Justin worked hard to avoid taking the easy way out and going surface deep with his recipes. Instead, he would ensure each meal came from the passion and a deep contextual understanding of the villain or hero to which it was tailored.

When asked which Marvel character has the most training and or gastronomic experience, Warner named The Raging Chef, a character specially designed for the company’s “Make Me a Hero” initiative. “[Although] I think anyone with keen senses would probably make a good cook,” the Chef Justin Warner concludes. “Otherwise, I would pick the Moms of Marvel. Other than being superheroes, they also have to find means of livelihood for their families.”

Marvel Eat the Universe: The Official Cookbook goes on sale Tuesday, July 28. So get the oven and mixer ready. Marvel heroes delicious pizza, Hulk Smashed Potatoes, and Nova Space-Cop Galaxy Doughnuts are some of the foods from Justin Warner cookbook you’ll want to sink your teeth into.  For more hunger inducing entertainment catch more Marvel Eat The Universe episodes here

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