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iPhone 12 Price Leak


Apple’s iPhone 12 Price Leak – $649

Roll up, roll up! It’s the annual iPhone price leak roundup!

Jon Prosser – who now has the monicker of “The Price Leaker” on most tech blogs – has given us a heads up on the iPhone 12 Pro being priced around $999. That’s if the price leak ends up being legitimate. And that’s a big if.


Told you.

So, if the leak is true, then what does that mean for Apple’s nearest competitors? With the iPhone 12 coming in at $649 and the Pro version being $999, that places it firmly within the capabilities of most people who just have to have that shiny new Galaxy or Huawei camera… sorry… Smartphone.

Prosser tweeted a whole host of prices and gave a frank interview to Input magazine, saying that his sources confirmed the iPhone 12 will ship with 5G capability.

Who is Jon Prosser?

Well, he was they guy behind the accurate iPad Pro leaks, the Macbook Air and the iPhone SE (yes, the Uncle iPhone in the attic nobody talks about). He has good form, and you would think that some water could be put in this leak. Apologies for that analogy, by the way.

Apple Store Staff Response: “Erm… I dunno. Maybe.”

Prosser also remarked that the iPhone 12 will have a 5.4-inch OLED screen with two cameras. Good news for the hard-of-reading, though – there will be a larger screen model at 6.1-inch, priced at a moderately attractive $749.

More iPhone 12 Price Leakfor Pro Version – Prosser says “sub $1000”

Both of the iPhone 12 Pro models will have three cameras, according to Prosser, and LIDAR. These come in at $999 for the 6.1-inch screen, and $1,099 for a larger 6.7-inch version.

We do love iPhone price leaks, don’t we? How about when they leaked iPhone 6 dummy phones back in 2014? The prices and mockups were thicker than a New York smog for months [although, NYC looks pretty clear these days].

So what conclusion can one draw from this sort of Jon-foolery on Twitter?

Let’s just wait and see.

In the meantime, if you are stuck for something to do, why not check out our Developer Hub!

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